Mom Life: Learning to be Held


There are times in our Momma lives and life in general that things don’t align with how we envisioned. The road less traveled becomes a wide curve leaving us asking what just happened? We did everything we thought was right and things seemed on track when BAM we collide head-on with the unforeseen.  We stand in the midst of the wreckage wondering, “Will we be okay? Will we make it through?”

Recently, one of my favorite songs on the radio is “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns.  It speaks my heart when I stand in situations or circumstances that I can’t understand. In saying that, what does being held really mean?  For many, we look to people to hold and comfort us in times of trouble and doubt. Others seek things or pleasures to hold them and restore their happiness.  I know that I have done both. Now I know the Lord has put many great people to speak into my life. I’m not saying what they have to say is not valuable. It is for sure the contrary!   I’m just saying when we go to people first , we don’t allow God to work on our behalf.  How can we recognize Him working in our lives when we are chasing after another person’s perception or advice?  Unfortunately I’ve learned people will disappoint or turn away from us when we don’t do or say as they do. Even the pleasures we seek don’t give lasting comfort. So what does “being” held look like?

My daughter and I were in a Bible Study reviewing the story of the woman at the well in John 4. While the story is about how Jesus satisfies and provides our needs it was the visual that went with our lesson that brought light into this seeking heart.  We first had to pour water into a bowl.  The bowl didn’t do anything but hold the water.  The next thing we had to do was pour water into the same bowl but through a colander. The water fell through all the holes but remained held in the bowl. The bowl resembled God and the colander; all the things we hold valuable in life that makes us feel held. You could use a water balloon and get the same result only at a slower pace. The leak that is sprung eventually leads to emptiness with none of the things we look to holding us.

What are you holding in your colander sweet Momma? For some it’s beauty, comparison, perfection, pride, social graces, control, or even status.  Yet, for others it’s fear, sadness, anger, hate, unworthiness or even deception. For me it has been beauty, perfection, control, fear and unworthiness. We all want to know we are okay and that we measure up when comparing ourselves to others. However as we search Truth, we see and know for a fact, beauty is fleeting, people pass away and control crumbles when we have no self-control, pride always comes before a fall. We also see in Truth the very desires we crave or take pleasure in fade away.

Jeremiah 2:13 says, My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” I am learning I have dug  cisterns of my own.  What I perceived and believed held water actually leaked…..much like a diaper……and my heart is broken. I know for my heart, sometimes it’s easier to have my eye on the storm and not WHO is in control of it. I’m learning that being held isn’t so much grasping on to things or people but recognizing WHO has my back and WHO allows things to fall into place.

This means laying down my armor, my battering ram, and giving the very control I fight for to the all-knowing Father. To many, this looks like weakness and it is scary especially when told we have to be in control and fight for everything.  It’s even harder to do when we are taught to place so much value in the seen. 

It was never my intent to forsake my Heavenly Father, but I know I have.  In reading the study guide for this Bible Study, we were to encourage our daughters to list out the desires of their hearts outside the value of material wants.  The suggestions given all held water, true value and reflects what our Father wants us to know about Him and His love for us.

His Word says we all have significance, purpose, hope, love and acceptance in Him. Deep down if we really think about it, isn’t that what we all want?

We don’t have to run hurdles or half-marathons performing for people to gain our value or sustenance in this world. We already have it! Being held is taking hold of the spring of Living Water and recognizing what we already have and stepping into it!

So Momma’s, will you join me today when everything is falling apart and you just can’t take one ounce more? Will you focus with me on the prize we live for every day and not the storm raging before us? Will you join me in going to the throne room before we pick up the phone to call a friend? Will you let go with me  our broken cisterns and entrust them over to the all-knowing Father? Will you join me in learning how to just be held?