If You’re Driven, You Can’t Be Led

That is a hard thought to wrap your brain around first thing in the morning. We go throughout life in the drivers seat weaving in and out traffic just to make it to our destination wherever that may be. More often than not, the speed or gusto used to get there leaves us either tired and restless, or hung up in road construction with all the people we just passed pulling up beside us. We want to get out ahead again to not undue all the ground gained when we passed them earlier. It’s a vicious cycle really. Our driving force should not be based upon the me, the I, or the want, but based on God and His leading. When we are our own driving force, we can’t stop until our goal in life is attained. We throw others under the bus or use them as speed bumps to gain height over them. When God is in the driving seat, we wait until the next green light. We May still get held up in traffic, construction, or even an accident for taking a speed bump way too fast, but He is there to guide us through. The length of time it takes depends upon who has hold of the steering wheel and how we reply to the journey ahead.