Opportunity to Serve

 OpporOpp to Servetunity is missed by most people because it is

dressed in overalls and looks like work.

~ Thomas A. Edison

“Ugh…I have to go on a call.” My frustration was evident as I explained to my family why, on Christmas Eve, I had to go check on a patient. As I pulled out of my driveway that night I was not happy with the attitude that welled up in me when my phone rang and I saw it was the office calling. I knew I needed to do something to try to avoid the dread of being the on call nurse. I needed to remember why exactly I do what I do.

While my family was gathered at home baking cookies, changing into new pajamas and snuggling up for my husband to read us a story, there was another family across town worrying they would have to spend Christmas Eve in the emergency room. In less than an hour I was able to make the patient comfortable and scurry on my way. Before leaving, his wife placed a small laminated prayer card in my hand and softly said, “Here is a special gift for you because you are a special person. Thank you for saving Christmas.”

God always shows up with just what we need, at the exact moment we need it! 

Since that night I have edited the contact information in my phone to read, “Opportunity to Serve” when the office calls. It reminds me that the work I do is much bigger than me. It’s much more important than my agenda for the day. Rather than viewing these calls as interruptions I can view them as a chance to be the hands and feet of Jesus. A chance to share the love of Christ that some may never have otherwise known.

I can’t tell you how this one little thing has helped add joy to my work. What is one thing you can do today to help navigate your attitude in the direction you’d like it to go?