Dialog With God


Lord I thank you that you have my heart and you hold me safe when trouble comes. You shelter me and calm the storms in my life. If you were not surrounding me, holding me up, my heart would faint and I would fall. Oh keep me safe, hold me tight. I need you. Every breath I take comes from you, I fix my eyes on you. Oh how I long for your courts, take me to the river; the river of life that flows from your throne. Let the wind of your Spirit blow over me. Oh Lord, heal my brokenness, wash over me with the water of your word.

The answer

Your prayer touches my heart. I am excited over the love my children pour out on me. It takes me to Calvary; knowing that the cross was worth it all. I long to be with my children. My creation is good. As you sit at my feet, know that every breath you take, every song you sing, every prayer you pray, every letter you write is playing on the strings of my heart. It does not go unnoticed. I have written it all in the book of your life. Yes, I have a book for each of my kids,  just like you prepared a book for yours. My book is filled with all the good things I see and know about you. All the treasures of you are written in it. So know that you are my peculiar treasure. You have been fashioned by my hand and I love everything about you. “Oh” you say, “What about the bad?” I say, “What bad”, it is not a part of who you are. Confessed sin is covered by my blood. You are fashioned and made by my hand, by my imagination. Deal with it! It’s all good. It’s all good my darling child.


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