A Beautiful Life Unfolded to Glory

Larry graduated to glory on February 28, 2016.  His beautiful life unfolded to all who came into contact with him.  He loved the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind and strength and left behind a great legacy for his family and countless others. Larry’s family put together a precious video combined with a message he had given.  What a powerful message it is!  More articles and shares of his messages to come in the future!




When Jesus said in John 14:12He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works shall he do, because I go to the father,” What was he thinking? I know what I think, that’s impossible, no human can replicate the awesome life of Jesus.

This challenge was unlike anything the disciples ever heard, so they didn’t do the best job passing it on. After Jesus ascended, it wasn’t long before the seeds of the Pharisees and Sadducees took root again. Here’s what happened, they tried to develop a new religious hierarchy in Jerusalem. Fortunately a man named Paul, who was dramatically converted, sidestepped their prejudices and exercised the power of words. What has evolved over 2000 years of church theory is a collective trail of cathedrals/churches and denominational adherents. That isn’t even close to what Jesus said. He wasn’t into buildings or competing theologies. He didn’t even object to the demolition of the Temple in Jerusalem.

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– “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”

I John 4:7

She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not. I watched my cousin work his way around a wild daisy, alternating those statements until the petals were stripped. Then he lifted the last petal and announced she loves me!  I asked why he did that? He said he liked a girl and wondered if she liked him.

If interpreting love was only that easy. For my cousin who questioned the daisy – he was as incapable as the flower to know if she loved him. At the tender age of 7, I got the idea that loving and liking were the same. In everyday conversations people used love and like interchangeably. They said they love or like food, they love or like people, cars, houses, jobs, or money – you name it.   What I saw was this, when a person liked how someone looked, how they dressed or whatever, that perception carried the hope of romance – but liking is fickle. It can be changed to dislike by a disapproving look or a critical word. I am not saying that liking someone is wrong, it is wonderful, but relationships need more. The flesh can like but love is vital to keep the flame burning through hard times. Con artists are masters at being likable. Beware of flattering words that recruit you to an uncomfortable cause. Then there is the friendly deceiver who wants in your wallet or the charmer on a quest for Victoria’s secret.  Sin and deceit like best to be called love. Continue reading