Dialog with God


Oh Lord, meet me this morning before the sun creeps over the horizon, before the birds awake to feed their young and the cattle still rest in the meadow.  All is quiet and still and my soul waits with anticipation to hear what you have to say. Delight my soul with your words. I wait with expectancy. I listen with anticipation. Oh delight my heart. Let me see and hear your wonderful words. Speak to me my precious Savior.

He Answers:
Yes, this is our time together. This time sets your day in order. The first part of your day is ours. I speak in the cool of the morning just as I did with Adam in the Garden. I come into our Garden to have fellowship with you. In the cool of the morning I meet with you. For I long to be with my children. I long to spend time with you. This is my desire. Know without  Me you can do nothing so let me guide and direct you through this day. I can help you sift through the things that are necessary and the things that need not be. I can turn hours into minutes. I can cause you to get many things accomplished and yet give you rest. Know that I go before you. I hover over you. I protect you, so long for my presence. I will let you know I am here with you, cry out my name and you will see and feel my very presence. Cry out to me throughout your day. We will walk through life together hand in hand.
 – Rose

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