Open My Heart to Receive More


Oh Lord, as I sit at your feet I want to tell you I love you. Open my heart to receive more of you. I long for more of you. Take me to that river of life. Let me drink deeply from the wells of salvation. Renew my mind so I can be more like you.

His Answer:

Never fear, I am with you always. Just close your eyes and come into the Holy Place. Whisper my name. I am here, so close to you. I hear your heart beat, I hear every breath you take. I have numbered the very hairs on your head. I know every thought you think. We are one in Spirit. No one can take that away from you.

My child know this for sure, I died for you. I died to rescue you. I died because I love you. It’s a done deal. Don’t listen to the thoughts planted in your mind by the evil one; for he comes to steal and destroy and to rob you of my divine love. This love I have for you was perfected  at my death, burial and resurrection. There is no greater sacrifice paid for love; my sacrifice,  paid in the fullest for you to bring you back to Me.  Walk in my love, let it shine through you.  Let my joy be your strength. Let joy be the flag flown high in our castle. Yes let all see it, let it shine through you,  unspeakable and full of glory.