Purpose in Chaos

Go to the fields, till up the hardened hearts trapped beneath the surface. For those broken free from the dirt and mire and who have ears that will listen, truth, grace, mercy and redemption will prevail into their very being and replace the darkness of lies once believed as truth. Workers are few but the harvest plenty. Willing hearts are needed to join Me in battle and cover the fields, no more idleness! You must not turn your head and think you are above the tilling. Clean the inside of your cup, and no longer the empty outward pleasing of man for I look at the heart. Be purposeful to the purpose outside of yourself for which I made you for the time is now to come and band together with me for just such a time as this.

2 thoughts on “Purpose in Chaos

  1. Powerful words of truth. I believe the Lord is calling us to live in a way we have never lived before. To step into a fullness of His glory and light. We can no longer have a foot in the darkness or compromise with anything that is not born of His Spirit.

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