Dialog With God


Lord I thank you that you have my heart and you hold me safe when trouble comes. You shelter me and calm the storms in my life. If you were not surrounding me, holding me up, my heart would faint and I would fall. Oh keep me safe, hold me tight. I need you. Every breath I take comes from you, I fix my eyes on you. Oh how I long for your courts, take me to the river; the river of life that flows from your throne. Let the wind of your Spirit blow over me. Oh Lord, heal my brokenness, wash over me with the water of your word.

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Dialog with God


Oh Lord, meet me this morning before the sun creeps over the horizon, before the birds awake to feed their young and the cattle still rest in the meadow.  All is quiet and still and my soul waits with anticipation to hear what you have to say. Delight my soul with your words. I wait with expectancy. I listen with anticipation. Oh delight my heart. Let me see and hear your wonderful words. Speak to me my precious Savior.

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