Prayer for the Awakening of Christian Sleepers


“Awake, O Sleeper, rise up from the dead and Christ will give you light.”

Ephesians 5:14


The study text to this verse says, “calls on God’s people to turn from their sinful darkness and live life in the full light of Christ.”

There are many who know and love Christ but have allowed their hearts to become angry and bitter towards Him. Their once light filled eyes see the darkness of the circumstances surrounding them and lose focus on the real Truth substituting instead for a lesser truth.

Father, stir our hearts to repentance and may the darkness that consumes us loosen its grip. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear delivering us from the dirt and mire that binds us. May our souls be awakened into the fullness of life teaming with grace and abounding in joy at the release of bondage giving glory to Your Holy Name. May we imitate everything you do. May we live life filled with love following your example. May we be so filled with Your glorious light that even those set in darkness tremble causing conviction in their hearts and questioning lifestyles chosen. May the fulfillment of the cross come to full realization in Jesus bringing forth repentance throughout the nations. Awake, O Sleeper, rise up from the dead and Christ will give you light.