Mom Life: The Watering Can

boots-987109_1280I don’t know about you but sometimes I wonder if my children really hear me? Do they really listen or do all they hear is Charlie Brown’s mom? I giggle as I hear her voice in my head. I look back on my teenage years and wonder if my mom felt the same way; which leaves me pondering if the Truths spoken miss the targets and get lost in thin air? Or do they get planted awaiting watering from another source?

As parents, we plant many spiritual seeds in the hearts of our children praying they come to fruition….immediately. We speak, yell, warn and even scream them into being all the while turning blue in the face. Do they hear us? Are they even listening? Are we laboring in vain? Or are we operating under the assumption we are solely responsible to plant, water as well as harvest the Truth in them?

I’m finding my children hear me and they do listen which is so encouraging. However, more often than not, the seeds planted are watered from another source before they begin to take root. Why is that?

Truth recognizes the Truth when heard outside our homes.

It’s no longer, “That’s just what my mom/dad says.”  but becomes, “I’ve heard that before, I want to know more.” It’s an affirmation of the Truth from an outside source!  A watering can speaking life to the Truth already planted. How my heart rejoices when a child comes home and says they heard Truth spoken from another source! This affirms them that maybe, just maybe, their parents know a thing or two and opens a new door of communication not only between us but with the Lord!

Thanking and praising the Lord for the recent watering of a child’s heart, He brought the familiar words of 1 Corinthians 3:6-8 to mind. Paul spoke to the people of Corinth on how they were still children in their faith. They argued among themselves and let their fleshy desires control them. They even argued about who was greater than the other in who they followed. (sounds a lot like tweens and teens) I love how Paul says in a round about way, “Look people we both have a job to do, neither is greater than the other and we are both servants of Christ.” Then Paul says the most profound thing:

 “Each of us did the work the Lord gave us.  I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work.  For we are both God’s workers. And you are God’s field. You are God’s building.

I shared with a dear friend my praise and in return she shared Galatians 6:7-10 with me. In addition, she told me this, “The quote, ‘It takes a village to raise a child‘ was confusing to me. But the older I get the more I understand how God uses so many others to speak Truth into our kid’s lives.”  

Watering Cans!!! Parents take heart! He sees! He Hears! He knows! Whether we plant or water truth it doesn’t matter!  As Brothers and Sisters in Christ we all have a job to do!!

We should never give up but be on our knees crying out in prayer for the rains to fall!

HE will fill in the gaps! We must all be willing to stand-in and be a watering can speaking life and the Truth in love whether to the young or old. Be Bold! Be Brave!  BUT  always remember only HE sends the rains that bring life to the seeds planted and only He grows the Truth in their hearts! NOT unto US but to HIM be all the glory!  Parents take comfort in this truth!




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