Lesson 2: Understanding in the Process


I had a love/hate relationship with Bob Bender.  I hated to start my bending therapy for the day and I loved when my time with Bob was over.  As I got to thinking more about my love/hate relationship with Bob, I remembered other things I had this relationship with too. It was there in exercise, sweets, helping with homework, seasons, as well as growth and yes, even in obedience.

While each have its “perks”, they also have things that I dread or do not like about them. I hate to exercise but love the benefit it gives to my mind and body. I love sweets but hate how they make me feel when I have consumed too much. I don’t like to help in homework because of the grasping I feel when I try to find a way to communicate the process to my child but I love when they grasp the understanding  and with renewed strength can move forth on their own. I love the changing seasons, each has their own beauty but they also carry things I don’t like such as ice, extreme heat, mosquitoes, and extreme cold.

Just as with the changes in seasons, my life goes through seasons. Growth can be painful and there are seasons that I just want to rush through because they are hard to bear, explain and endure. Obedience is key to my growth and it is required in these difficult seasons.

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