I always look forward to the Christmas Season!  It is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Each year as I read through the scriptures, the Lord never ceases to amaze me as He brings to light something new. What joy and excitement as a new understanding of Him unfolds before my eyes!

I began a study this week by Love God Greatly called, “God with Us“.  Settling in under my warming blanket and the soft glow of the Christmas lights, I opened my Bible to a familiar but favorite verse, Isaiah 9:6-7. I have used this verse on many Christmas cards and spoken it many times over the years, however this time the word GIVEN took center stage.

I always knew Jesus was sent to live a life I could not live, die a horrible death as the atoning sacrifice for my sins that I may be made right before Him. While I always knew he was a gift given, the gifts received in Him brought new excitement! Jesus wasn’t just sent, He was given! God gave himself to us through Jesus!  The moment we enter into a relationship with Him we receive a Counselor that conforms us to his wisdom (Romans 12:2).   He is Mighty because He now resides in a new temple, our hearts (Ephesians 3:16-19)! He cares for us as a Father guiding and leading us through this life to the everlasting (John 10:1-30). As He lives in our hearts, he is Prince and brings peace as we allow Him to lead our hearts not the circumstances surrounding us (John 14:27)!

How many times have I rejected these precious gifts?! How many times have I not believed He lived in me?! How many times have I had a false belief of him as Father? And how many times have I believed peace was the absence of turmoil around me instead of peace within my soul?! The times are insurmountable mostly because I didn’t believe the gifts given in Him were for right here, right now,  but for a time yet to come. Oh, how Satan deceives!

Today, I sit quietly under my warming blanket with the soft glow of lights thankful for the gift of Christ. He was not just sent but given. This Christmas I pray  you receive the precious gifts given through Jesus each and everyday forward. May you pray for wisdom and discernment and allow Him to transform your mind. May you remember that He lives in your heart and brings internal peace. It’s in this peace, he gently guides you on the way you need to go. May you know the Father’s heart and how He loves you. May you hear Him calling to you from the depths of the troubles around you providing a way out. May your faith strengthen as He leads you to his love in this life and to the one yet to come.

Merry Christmas!