When Blue Skies Turn Grey


We’ve all been there as moms, frazzled, tired and plain ol’ worn out. We can’t focus nor see past the circumstances before us. We turn to the left and to the right for advice from trusted sources only to realize their well-meaning intentions were just not for you, your marriage, your kids, and where you are in your momma life! We begin to hide away, sink into darkness, feeling convicted or judged by every, “You need to do this”, “You must do that”, “I guarantee if you do this or did this better,” ahhh!!!  And you wonder, are they really listening, do they hear your hearts plea? More often than not (myself included), the advice given or received is out of pride and a chance to elevate the very things deemed the “right way” in their eyes. This brings on feelings of condemnation to the very person who just needed a true listening ear, encouragement and a helping hand. In reading the book of Job, I find his plight very similar to ours today, not just as moms, but everyone.

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I always look forward to the Christmas Season!  It is truly the most wonderful time of the year! Each year as I read through the scriptures, the Lord never ceases to amaze me as He brings to light something new. What joy and excitement as a new understanding of Him unfolds before my eyes!

I began a study this week by Love God Greatly called, “God with Us“.  Settling in under my warming blanket and the soft glow of the Christmas lights, I opened my Bible to a familiar but favorite verse, Isaiah 9:6-7. I have used this verse on many Christmas cards and spoken it many times over the years, however this time the word GIVEN took center stage.

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