Etched in Ink Psalm 104

hand-281995_1280I remember the days when I was younger, I would write with ink on my blue jeans. Needless to say, the constant retracing of the shape or word written made them darken and stand out on my jeans and  would not go away in the wash regardless of how often they were washed.  The jeans became a statement of me etched there to be seen each and every time I wore them.  As I read through Psalm 104 today verse 27 spoke to me of this etching of ink.  It says, “They all depend on you to give them food as they need it.”  As I read the study text  for verse 27 in my Bible, it said, “All life depends on the gracious sustenance of the Lord of life and death.”

What does all of this have to do with my jeans? Well my jeans, although not needed for food, were etched by an expression of me.  They would be eventually tossed away as I grew or they would become so worn they could no longer be worn. My life in Jesus is not that way.  I am here and on this earth because God etched me in my mother’s womb and gave me His breath of life.  Not only does he provide for my physical nourishment but my spiritual nourishment as well.  He graciously awaits me to sit at His feet daily, whether in His word, prayer, thanksgiving, praise or worship, he opens his hand to feed me and I am satisfied. Etching me with the likeness of Him, no longer desiring the things of this world but thirsting for more of Him and living in His presence and goodness of the things yet to come.

As my jeans get worn and eventually need repair or replaced, I too find myself  in struggles or circumstances that cause me to look away from Him and try to do things on my own becoming tired and worn. I panic when I lose sight of Him and need to be repaired spiritually. When my eyes are fixed back on Him, I see Him graciously extending an invitation of redemption and grace.  Ink and all, I grasp His hand and find my name etched in His hand never to be plucked out of.  The etched ink of who I once was, used for His glory, no longer a mask to hide behind.  The old jeans etched in ink become a new pair of jeans etched in the love of His mercy and grace!

This wonderful gift is not only for me but for everyone. When we accept His gift, His invitation, we say good-bye to the old tattered pair of jeans etched with the very being of who we once were. Our opinions become realized as what they really are, opinions. Our “truths” brought forth and slowly replaced with His truth! Seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears, we see and hear real truth that etch His name on our very hearts and we hunger for more of Him. To see Him, to please Him, to be one with Him!

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