Trust Vs. Convenience


We have reached a new milestone with our eldest teen entering the restricted freedom of driving! My heart still palpitates as this new era has caused great anxiousness within me. I’m sure all parents can testify to that! We have encountered some bumps and jolts with our expectations versus the perception of our newest family driver. There is one in particular I want to share.

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Mom Life: Lesson Learned from the Lego Movie


My family and I like to snuggle up and watch movies together. One of the girls will pop the popcorn, the other will slice and ready the apples, my husband prepares the movie to be viewed, while my son and I grab the blankets. It’s one of our favorite times to spend as a family but every so often a movie may catch me off guard when the Lord uses it to convict me in my spirit and give me a wake-up call.

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