Mom Life: Morning Fog

1369549_23781829This morning started out peacefully as I enjoyed time in The Word and a cup of coffee. One by one sounds from kids’ alarm clocks went off alerting me the house was waking. I giggled as each sound from their clocks directly reflected who they are as a child. The morning going well, I sat and continued writing in my journal while waiting for the kids to finish up.  The peaceful and flowing morning came to an abrupt stop within a few minutes of leaving for the bus. Oh how things change in just the mere matter of a second!

One of my children came up in a panic looking for an article of clothing I had not seen since several months before. When I explained where it was last seen voices raised and the quietness became chaos in just a matter of seconds. All focus redirected to emotions and the missing piece of clothing.  The peacefulness of the morning now gone and thrown out the window with accusatory tones shouted at each other across the room.

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