Mom Life: Morning Fog

1369549_23781829This morning started out peacefully as I enjoyed time in The Word and a cup of coffee. One by one sounds from kids’ alarm clocks went off alerting me the house was waking. I giggled as each sound from their clocks directly reflected who they are as a child. The morning going well, I sat and continued writing in my journal while waiting for the kids to finish up.  The peaceful and flowing morning came to an abrupt stop within a few minutes of leaving for the bus. Oh how things change in just the mere matter of a second!

One of my children came up in a panic looking for an article of clothing I had not seen since several months before. When I explained where it was last seen voices raised and the quietness became chaos in just a matter of seconds. All focus redirected to emotions and the missing piece of clothing.  The peacefulness of the morning now gone and thrown out the window with accusatory tones shouted at each other across the room.

This morning which also contained a thick and encompassing fog outside now matched the dreariness and dread going on in my heart. As we began heading down the drive the visibility, very slim, was not aiding my thoughts or my heart as we disappeared in the thick low clouds.  My wish to get them to the bus quickly vanished as well as the brightness of how the morning started. Driving in silence, it became clear the thick fog also compares to my daily walk with Christ! As this morning began, everything was clear, not rushed and focused, however, everything became clouded, the vision lost, when panic and worry set into our morning routine searching for a seemingly lost item.

Driving further, the only thing visible were lights of oncoming vehicles and the break lights of those further ahead of us.  There is always light in darkness. My focus becomes tainted when I allow panic, fear, worry, and uncertainty to take center stage.  The light becomes seemingly lost and nowhere found amidst the trials and I get swallowed in the fog.

My drive home gave way to missed turns and braking due to the uncertainty of when and where to turn. In the same way, my life resembles many twists, missed turns and uncertainty when I am overly focused on the trials and missing clothing in life. I become deceived not knowing what to do next or knowing where to turn. As I finally turned into our drive, I thought of Jesus and the light He is in the world (John 8:12). Light is always present in darkness, I just need to remember where my true focus lies. When I choose to focus on the temporary darkness and give it importance and authority over my life, I am not trusting my King who is and has true authority nor am I saying He is important. So thankful for the heart check this morning!

So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

2 Corinthians 4:18(NLT)