Painted Houses


“for they gave that to those who did the work, and with it they repaired the house of the LORD.”
2 Kings 12:14

2015 has been a year of great joy and celebration. It has also been one with its share of transition, sadness, pain and struggle. It’s amazing how the Lord uses the ordinary to speak to my heart. He unfolds life lessons in the mundane items bringing forth a new and refreshing perspective.

This fall, my husband and I took a hard look on the outside of our home. The paint had bubbled up from intense heat over the past several summers. In some areas the paint had peeled away exposing the harsh white primer beneath the surface. In others the paint had either chipped or faded so badly we couldn’t believe the true color of our home once painting began.  It had faded that much….yikes!  In addition, the siding rotted in areas around the guttering and needed immediate repair.

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