Mom Life: When Laundry Speaks


Ahh……..Laundry! I’m sure you can hear the sarcasm in my voice as I dare utter the word.  It is one of the most mundane tasks I do. It ranks a little lower than grocery shopping and I’m not even going to lie, it ranks even lower than going to the dentist.  There are some days the sheer smell from the kids clothing not to mention the monstrous amount…..biblical proportions even…… laying beside the washer takes on a living persona and I almost hear it utter, “Wash me!”  Ohh the horror!

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Mom Life: When Life Stinks…Literally


Sometimes in Mom Life we experience things with our children that are well….lets just say some days can reek to high heaven especially when in the public eye. I’ve had several instances as a mom when going to the store was like a box of chocolates. I didn’t know what behavior I was going to get; sweet, dreamy and smooth or dark and foul racing to the exit! While we experienced many good store runs its “the others” that caused people to follow us throughout the store, point fingers, and give us glares of shame and judgment. Then enters the crème de la crème that dreaded check-out line! It brings you front and center! There is no escape, you are there until the transaction is complete and your momma nerves in addition to your children come unwound like a spool of thread! What is it about the check-out line that drives kids of all ages to insanity?

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